New book released: 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women

Three black female leaders have come together to pen a new book, 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women 2016, to help inspire other women.
One day, the authors — Jean Augustine, the first black female federal cabinet minister; educator Dauna Jones-Simmods; and Denise O’Neil Green — had a chat over lunch and wondered “Where are all the accomplished black Canadian women?” They banned together to write a book with a goal of highlighting, documenting, acknowledging and supporting the accomplishments of black Canadian women.

This project grew out of a series of discussions among the authors over a six-month period where it was concluded that this type of publication would inspire black girls and women by showcasing examples of the many contributions they have and continue to make in the Canadian society.
The women chosen for the book were identified through a nomination process, and were judged by several criteria, including their example of leadership through role modeling and/or volunteer activities.

Launched on June 16 at, the book is an inspirational read not only for diverse women, but all Canadians.

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