Kenyans can travel to Canada for job opportunities – CS

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua has called on Kenyans to apply for jobs in Canada. 

Mutua said during his official visit to Canada, he held a meeting with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada Sean Fraser.

He said they agreed on the various migration opportunity pathways for Kenyans to go work in Canada.

“I was pleased to note that there are job opportunities within various economic sectors across Canada and Kenyans can travel as students, tourists and as workers,” the CS said. 

Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua

Mutua said Canada has more employment opportunities than available people to work, thus the agreement to allow Kenyan workers help fill the gap.

He said the process for those who wish to go to Canada is simple but requires diligence. 

“We are in negotiations and we will be providing a comprehensive statement within the next few days with guidance and links agreed upon between the Kenyan and the Canadian government so that Kenyans can apply for migration or job visas,” Mutua said. 

He also warned that Kenyans ought to be careful and wary of agencies that say they are recruiting for Canadian firms.

The CS said he is aware that some Kenyans have been conned by some agencies.

“You, therefore, need to be careful so that you are not swindled,” he said.

“I will be providing a list of Canadian Government approved consultants under the College of Immigration and Citizenship approved consultants to help those who wish to migrate for employment.”


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