Kenya waives visa registration fee for six African nations

Kenya’s objective to ease travel into its borders via its online visitor registration service has begun going through some changes. Prior to these changes, some countries had expressed their frustration with the high charges required when registering online. However, for at least 6 different African nations, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Kenya waives visa registration fee for six African nations

Kenya waives visa registration fee for six African nations

  • Kenya exempts citizens of Ethiopia and five other countries from a $30 online registration fee.
  • The fee waiver follows bilateral agreements with select nations, effective February 15.
  • The initiative aims to address criticisms and streamline travel procedures for visitors to Kenya.

A report by the East African media agency showed that citizens from Ethiopia and six other countries including Comoros, Congo-Brazzaville, Eritrea, Mozambique, San Marino, and South Africa, would be exempted from paying the online application fee of $30 when registering to visit Kenya.

This information was issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizen Services of Kenya as they noted that these countries are “Countries which had concluded visa abolitions agreement or signed bilateral visa waiver agreements with the Republic of Kenya,” the department stated.

The $30 had been the typical fee paid via the travel portal, following the Kenyan government’s initiative to launch the Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) in January.

“My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Government of Kenya for its prompt response and kind decision to remove Ethiopian citizens from Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) related electronic payment requirement,” Bacha Debele, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya, stated.

“We kindly inform our citizens that they can enter Kenya without any requirement for visa and its related payment, but the requirement to fill eTA form online before arrival, remains mandatory,” the ambassador added.

This charge exemption is a result of criticisms about the system, particularly from nations that don’t usually ask for visas from Kenyans.

In January 2023, Kenyan officials announced that updates on its regional travel policies would be relayed in the next six months.

The government has provided a six-month grace period for other members of the East African Community to decide what to do next regarding travel to Kenya. This was done to ensure that the new, simplified travel policy was successfully implemented.


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