Winning advice for 2022

A few of Top 25 Canadian Immigrants from 2021 share their thoughts, wisdom and some inspirational advice with you on 2022!

Dr. Victoria Lee, CEO and president, Fraser Health Authority

Difficult times can lead to deeper reflections about why we do what we do and how we conduct ourselves. As we transition to a new year from nearly two years of the global COVID-19 pandemic, I encourage everyone to take some time to reach out to diverse groups of people that you care about or admire. These connections can reinvigorate you with new knowledge, provide an opportunity to reflect on your values, and recalibrate your life journey. Best wishes for a healthy, fulfilling and peaceful 2022!
City: Vancouver, B.C., Country of origin: South Korea

Boris Tsimerinov, CEO and founder, Semper8

There have been many challenges for all in 2021 and especially for immigrants. These setbacks are best overcome together. I believe that newcomers should not hesitate to forge relationships in Canada’s diverse communities and to explore their options, including virtually. Meeting new people, learning their unique perspectives, and defining commonalities is essential for growth, for psychological fulfillment and can open doors on both the professional and on the personal level.
City: Toronto, Ontario, Country of origin: Russia

Zen Tharani, CEO and founder, Xenex Consulting Inc.

As an immigrant, it is easy to get caught in the scarcity mindset. That’s when we feel that there
isn’t enough of something to go around. Making decisions in that mindset, may lead us to jump
into things that are not good for us or not in alignment with our personal values. I have found
that when we step out of the scarcity mindset, we can take that added pressure off ourselves
and make better decisions.
City: Victoria, B.C., Country of origin: Pakistan

Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Brampton South

The last two years have been challenging for many, but we have reason to be optimistic about
2022. I encourage everyone to remember to take care of themselves, but also to take care of
their communities and find a way to improve it or help those who have struggled. There are few
things as rewarding as the days when I know I have helped constituents and made their lives a
little better. Everyone can find their own way of doing that.
City: Brampton, Ontario, Country of origin: India

Luis Carlos Flores Aguilar, Communications advisor

The pandemic has taken its toll on our country and society. The coming months and years will provide plenty of opportunities to rebuild, and immigrants will be the key to becoming stronger than ever. Our capacity to be resilient, creative and hardworking in the face of adversity will launch our country to heights never seen before. Let’s always remember the value we bring to our communities and continue empowering each other to achieve our goals.
City: Edmonton, Alberta, Country of origin: Mexico

Hassan Wadi, Professional speaker; fitness professional; entrepreneur

2021 felt like a roller coaster for many of us. It was rocky, and there were many ups and downs. But It was a great reminder on how strong we can really be. I feel like 2022 can be the bounce back year for many of us. Just remember, with every failure there is opportunity. With every struggle there is ease. As Tony Robbins would say, “Life is happening for you, not to you.”
City: Mississauga, Ontario, Country of origin: Saudi Arabia 

Jaclyn (Jie) Zhang, President, Futurevic Global Sourcing Inc.

We all come to Canada with a dream, but to make your dream come true, you have to make
ten-fold efforts in family, business and community. It takes time to adapt to a new language,
adjust to a new culture, and build a new network, but the journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step. My top tip to newcomers is to love Canada, make connections, be optimistic, be hopeful, be confident, help and support others.
City: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Country of origin: China.


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