2018 Toronto Black Film Festival arrives in Black History Month

Black History Month is here, which means films showcasing Black stars and Black experiences will soon hit screens for the 2018 Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF).
Organizers of the six-day festival recently announced the event’s lineup, boasting a list of more than 60 films from 20 different countries. Of those pictures, five will be world premieres, two will be international premieres, two will be North American premieres, and 21 will be Canadian premieres.
“Films illuminate, entertain and invite audiences to see the world from another person’s experience,” says the TBFF website. “In connecting (Black) films with viewers of all colours and ethnic origins we recognize the differences that make us unique and celebrate the shared values that bring us together.”

Toronto Black Film Festival lineup
One of the most anticipated movies this year is The Rape of Recy Taylor. The film, which will show on this year’s opening night, was brought to light in part by Oprah Winfrey’s recent Golden Globes speech. In the speech, Winfrey encouraged viewers to learn about Recy Taylor, a Black woman from the 1940s whose rape by multiple White men led to a re-evaluation of the American justice system.

In addition to this film and the many others that will be shown, the festival will also include a number of other elements, such as storytelling for kids, socials, exotic cuisines, and the TBFF Black Market, a series that provides opportunities to interact with the filmmakers for discussion about real-world issues.

According to TBFF’s Instagram page, the goal of the Black Market is “to foster future collaborations,” and “maximize cross-border artistic exchanges.” Organizers say that the market, in combination with the other events, will encourage “all cultural communities to better understand one another.”
The Toronto Black Film Festival will run February 14-19.

For more information, visit http://torontoblackfilm.com/.

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