How to teach your kids safety on the road in this era of distracted drivers

Whether our children are walking to school or to a local park, their safety while out on the road is our foremost concern as parents. With good preparation and education, you can give them the tools they need to be safe.
Know the rules of the road
Here are some rules and common-sense tips to share with your kids:
Know the signs for when to walk at an intersection, when to finish crossing, and when not to cross.
In addition to obeying traffic signals, always listen for any cars, and look left and right before crossing.Make eye contact with the driver when crossing.
Avoid all distractions when walking on the road, such as texting, wearing headphones, and talking and playing games on your phone.
Avoid crossing between parked cars or in the middle of a block, as motorists might not expect you there.
If possible, cross at an intersection where there is a crossing guard, and follow they guard’s instructions.
Walk on the sidewalk, facing the direction of oncoming traffic, if possible.
Be extra cautious during inclement weather, as drivers might have less visibility and need more time to stop due to slippery roads.
Give yourself sufficient time to get to your destination, to avoid rushing and making a costly error.

Equip your kids
If your kids are riding a bike or scooter, ensure children have a good helmet. Knee pads and elbow pads are also great for beginners. Plus, dress your kids in bright colours or add on extra reflective materials on clothing, shoes, backpacks or bikes and scooters to increase visibility.
Keep safe
In today’s world where there are many distracted drivers, pedestrians are more vulnerable than ever. In addition to always modeling and educating children about road safety, we, as parents, need to closely supervise younger children while they are learning to follow the safety rules, and keep reminding our teenagers to look up from their phones! Let us all do our part to prevent accidents, so that everyone can safely get to their destination.

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