How to stay productive and happy working from home

WFH (Working From Home) or remote working is the new normal for many of us now. And with this comes new challenges and opportunities. Take this time to reboot your work practices and learn how you can improve your performance at work and your wellbeing, too. Here are our top seven tips to help you become happier, healthier and more productive while working from home.

Rediscover your purpose
First, connect with what you’re good at, and what you enjoy. Focus on what hasn’t changed – which should be your passion. Rediscover your purpose, what makes you tick?
Now is the time to reconnect with what really drives you. This will be the most powerful motivator to excel at what you do. And to help increase your value in these tough times.

Set your rhythm
With no daily commute to worry about, you have the luxury to plan your own schedule. You can adapt to the situation by even starting work earlier and finishing earlier.
Find out what works best for you. This also helps you build self-care into your daily routine, including exercise, healthy eating and even the walk around the block.

Communicate often
Even if you don’t interact face-to-face, make sure you touch base often. It’s a good idea to schedule frequent video calls – to plan the day and let the team know you’re for each other.
You could also send regular updates by email. Plus set up regular video calls to keep everyone up to speed.

Avoid distractions
Some people find they are more productive at home as the office distractions are eliminated. At the same time it can be equally distracting at home too if you are not careful.
It can be tempting to call a friend or scroll through social media. It is a good idea to treat the day as you would in the office. You can get the same tasks done during your break or the lunch hour.

Brighten up
There is enough research to show that the light in your environment has a major impact on how you feel. Working with bright lighting (including working near the windows) can significantly improve mood and productivity.
Try to set up your home office space in an area with access to good lighting and daylight.

Take a break
Working from home means you can seamlessly transition between different projects without even leaving the room. This means you could quickly feel burned out or soon get dissatisfied with your everyday routine.
Simply taking a walk to the local park or around the neighbourhood can give you a much-needed refresh and a mental boost.

Focus on productivity, not activity
It is important to be active but be sure you are also focusing on productivity.  With the new “always at home” dynamic, it should be easy to establish a new work/life balance.
Maintain a to-do list to boost productivity. And irrespective of how big or small, you can reduce your stress by tracking your tasks each day.

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