Five job roles to explore in 2020: In-demand skills that can be mastered online

Let’s face it. The pandemic is continuing to reshape society and the way we live and do things.  The world of work, especially, has been altered in ways we could never have imagined. To emerge stronger from the crisis, it is imperative for each one of us to start reskilling and adapt to the post-pandemic ways of working.

Remember, remote working was gaining currency even before the crisis, but the pandemic is actually accelerating the need to enhance skills. So you can make a choice right now. You can simply resist or accept this new normal and wholeheartedly embrace technology. As Indiana Jones Senior tells Junior, “Choose wisely”.

The truth is that there are thousands of job vacancies available right now if you possess the right skill sets. What’s more, many of these skills can be acquired through online courses – so you can learn from the confines of your own home. Here are 5 career choices  to help you emerge stronger and add more durability to your career.

1: Big data, statistics and data analysis
Big data is now the next frontier for business innovation. With advances in technology, the amount of data available is growing exponentially and it’s sweeping into most sectors and businesses. Thus, companies and individuals that are able to harness, organize, and analyze these mega-sets of data stand to benefit greatly. Consequently, a strong foundation in statistics and data analysis is extremely valuable.

2: Local to cloud computing
One of the major changes in technology is the move from local hosting to cloud-hosted services. You may be familiar with some of the major buzzwords like virtualization, software as a service and so on. What all this means is that the demand for cloud computing across industry verticals is fast rising and you can capitalize on it.

3: Supply chain management on digital platforms
The science of supply chain management or logistics  is a crucial tool for product-based companies. The supply chain manager is tasked with minimizing the cost of sourcing raw materials, production and distribution of consumer products. With the emergence of e-commerce players like Amazon and Zappos, logistics have never been more important, thus those with knowledge of logistics will be in high demand.

4: Online marketing
Every major business area has embraced online marketing and it is definitely the future. More than ever, businesses need people who understand the landscape of online marketing, which covers social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, blogging, email marketing and more. If you pick one area and become an expert in it, you will definitely be a valuable asset. Once again, there are excellent online resources to get you started in digital marketing.

5: Apps and programming languages
Desktops and laptops are getting faster and smaller, and more and more applications are coming out that make our lives easier. People are choosing new apps for their personal computers and smartphones, so it’s no surprise that demand for programmers is sky-high.

You can choose from a variety of programming languages. Even specializing in any one is  enough to get you in the door for an entry-level job. You can even learn to code interactively with many of the online resources, some free and some offered by reputed universities.

Your future career may be right on your desktop.
Prepare yourself for the new job world by acquiring skills that are in demand now. The skills mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. With a little research you can probably uncover some other in-demand skill sets that suit you.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your passion, upgrade yourself and go get that dream job!

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