Apply for a writing mentor from Diaspora Dialogues in Toronto

Emerging creative writers who wish to get assistance from a mentor have until October 31 to submit their work to Diaspora Dialogues for their chance to participate in the Long-Form Mentorship program.

Apart from having an established author guide them in completing their novel or collection of shorter pieces, selected writers may even have the opportunity to get published, as Diaspora Dialogues will use their relationships to connect successful manuscripts with potential publishers.
“Having the support, opportunities, exposure and appreciation from Diaspora Dialogues was an amazing experience,” one former mentorship program participant boasts on the organization’s website. “It gave me a sense of belonging, of having a place to let my voice be heard.”

In order to be considered for this free opportunity, writers must have a complete or near-complete long-form piece of work they would like assistance with. Further, authors must be from the Greater Toronto Area, and within their work, they must refer to the Toronto region.
While the city does not need to be the focal point of the piece, the organization often expresses their goal to showcase the diversity of Toronto through literature that matches the area’s vibrancy.
“In this city with the highest percentage in the world of residents born somewhere else … we use art and ideas to explore questions of our connected humanity,” says the DD website. “For us, diaspora dialogues means an intercultural bridge.”

To join in the cultural conversation through the Long-Form Mentorship program, a short biography of the author, along with excerpts and a description of the work must be sent to For more information and more specific application requirements, visit

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