New Canada Service Corps encourages Canadian youth to serve communities

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today launched the design phase of Canada Service Corps, Canada’s new national youth service initiative.
Canada Service Corps will encourage young Canadians — be they born here or immigrants to Canada —  to get involved in service to their communities and gain valuable skills and experience that will benefit them in every aspect of life. “Young people should have more chances to serve their communities, while gaining valuable skills and experience. That is what Canada Service Corps is all about,” says Prime Minister Trudeau, who also serves as the Minister of Youth. “If we’re going to get this right, we need to hear from young Canadians. Together, let’s inspire a new culture of service in Canada and build a better country, one community at a time.”

As a nationwide initiative, Canada Service Corps will help more young Canadians to understand the importance of serving their communities, and instill a sense of civic engagement and global citizenship. During this first phase, the Government of Canada will work with young Canadians to find out more about their motivations and interests, and to explore what service means to them. Their ideas will directly shape the initiative, and help to ensure it meets the needs and priorities of young people once it is fully implemented in 2019. “Our future prosperity depends on young Canadians getting the experience and skills they need to succeed. Young Canadians are leaders today; they want to be involved, and we are giving them the opportunity to build a program that is for them, by them. The design phase of Canada Service Corps is all about engagement and collaboration with young people so that together we can create a program that reflects what matters most to them,” says Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patty Hajdu.

First phase of Canada Service Corps
As part of this first phase of Canada Service Corps, the Government of Canada will launch a new website for young Canadians so they can provide feedback about what service means to them. It will also fund national, regional and local scale projects to engage young Canadians from all backgrounds, and provide them with flexible opportunities to get involved in service projects that suit their interests.

There will also be funding provided through TakingITGlobal – which will provide them with fixed amounts of $250, $750, or $1,500 to fund service-related projects. Up to 4,000 young Canadians are expected to be awarded funding by March 2020.

The initiative will also offer an online matching service through Volunteer Canada that helps young people to find volunteer opportunities in their communities.

Overall, Canada Service Corps will be provided with $105 million up to March 2021, and will fund eligible projects that present opportunities for young Canadians to get involved in service to communities.

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