Hot jobs for 2018 in Canada

The most in-demand careers and skillsets this year
Welcome to a fresh new year — 2018 is well and truly upon us. There are many big changes expected in the world of work this year. The World Economic Forum’s report, The Future of Jobs, estimates that five million jobs will be affected by automation by 2020. The repercussions are already being felt in the manufacturing sector and the numbers will only keep growing. In addition, the rise of the millennial workforce and a growing dependence on technology and artificial intelligence will be some of the factors driving change in Canadian workplaces. So what do you need to work on to be in demand in 2018? Here are the top skill areas as well some of the strongest job-growth categories to watch out for.

New tech
It’s no surprise that tech skills will be in demand. These occupations include computer programmers, software developers, computer systems analysts, web development and more. In addition, new media literacy — understanding various media platforms and how to communicate effectively on them — are valuable skills that artificial intelligence won’t be likely to match any time soon.

From transportation to home construction, from renewable energy to robotics, technological developments are accelerating the pace of change and significant breakthroughs in all areas. This means that if you have majored in biology, chemistry, math, engineering, design or computer technology, ample job opportunities await you in research and development.

Big data
Big corporations and government agencies are all collecting massive amounts of information. This demand benefits people who can organize, manage and make sense of all this data. As a result, there will be a greater demand for data analysts across all industries.

One of the top skills that will be in demand will be for designers, specifically commercial, industrial and product designers. These include the people that design and develop products like appliances, automobiles, gadgets and other manufactured goods.

Health care
As people live longer, every aspect of the health care sector is poised for growth. Health care occupations and industries that provide services and support to the aging population will certainly be in demand in the coming year and beyond.

Fitness coaches and personal trainers
Several trends are driving the growth in demand for these specialists, the most obvious one being the aging baby boomer population, which will require increased physical care. The growth in competitive sports and fitness is creating demand for those skilled in training people.

Human resources
Human resources and organizational development specialists will also be needed to help reskill workers especially with the technological and socio-economic changes this year. Companies will look to hire the right talent to train their existing employees with new skillsets.

In-demand skills across industries
Anyone with a computer science, math or engineering degree will find lots of opportunities in the job market today. Those degrees can apply to industries across the board — finance, e-commerce, IT and beyond.

Improve your skills in 2018
Whatever your profession, in 2018, brushing up your soft skills is more important than ever. It’s going to take a long time for robots to get good at soft skills, like social and emotional intelligence and cross-cultural competency. Irrespective of your profession, a heightened awareness of communication skills, interpersonal skills and emerging social media skills will be your true competitive edge, significantly increasing your chances of being hired.

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