Five reasons to sign up for Canadian Immigration Summit 2017: Innovating at 150 and Beyond

On May 9-10, the Conference Board hosts third annual Canadian Immigration Summit in Ottawa to celebrate the vital contributions that immigrants have made to Canada, and discuss innovations that could help build an even stronger immigration system over the next 150 years. Each year, the summit convenes hundreds of representatives from government, business, law, education, immigrant-serving educations, and non-profits to learn, dialogue, and network. Here are five reasons you should sign up.

Learn from experts
Experts from all walks of life will share their perspectives on how Canada can address its current immigration issues. How can the talents of immigrants and refugees be effectively utilized in the labour market? How can the immigration system better meet the needs of business? What can we learn from abroad to improve our approach to selection and settlement? How can we use technology to meet the needs of newcomers? These questions and more will be addressed by Summit attendees joining us from Canada, Australia, Europe, and the US.

Brexit & Trump
Public support for immigration remains strong in Canada. However, given what has unfolded over the past year, Canadians must learn from what is happening globally to ensure that the public continues to support the immigration system. A session at the Summit will focus on the key lessons of Brexit and Trump, and how Canada can protect itself from anti-immigrant tides which are sweeping around the world.

By far the number one suggestion we receive from attendees at our immigration events is “give us more networking time!” You’ve asked and so we aim to deliver. This year’s Summit features far more time to build contacts, including a networking reception to be held on May 9.

Shape the future
Your voice could help shape the future of Canadian immigration policy. Suggestions made by Summit speakers and delegates on how to improve the immigration system will be compiled into a Conference Board report scheduled for release this summer. The report will be shared publicly to help contribute to the national dialogue.

Five immigration ministers
It is rare to get the opportunity to interact with an immigration minister. It is even more rare to interact with five! The Summit will feature The Honourable Ahmed Hussen who will deliver the opening keynote as he shares the federal government’s current priorities. Following his remarks, The Honourable Laura Albanese (Ontario), Kathleen Weil (Quebec), Lena Diab (Nova Scotia), and Donald Arseneault (New Brunswick) will participate in a session together to discuss the innovations their provinces are pursuing to become even more attractive and welcoming for newcomers. For those of you keeping track at home, these ministers represent the four provinces that founded Canada in 1867.

Sign up now
As you can see, the Summit features a very ambitious program, in what is a very special year for Canada. Regulated immigration consultants are eligible to earn 13 CPD hours by attending the Summit.

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