Adam Solomon sings in English, Swahili, Lingala, and Mijikenda (the Nine Tribes from Mombasa on the Kenyan coast).  “The Professor”, as he is known in musical circles, is highly respected as a lead guitarist and vocalist.  He and his fellow musicians create a unique sound that combines African blues and jazz, spiced with traditional and modern coastal East African rhythms.  He has released several albums of his own:  Safari, Tree of Life (Mti Wa Maisha, Rocket Express II: African Renaissance Blues, Time Goes Things Change, and Closer To Me).   Adam has also performed as a member of the Juno award-winning African Guitar Summit and recorded two albums with the group, titled African Guitar Summit I and II.

Adam SolomonRetaining his roots in traditional music, Adam’s compositions embrace a wide variety of African rhythms, from traditional soukous, highlife and reggae to samba, bossanova and rhumba.  On his African Renaissance Blues album, Adam brings the blues back to the African continent where they originated with African slaves. The effortless manner with which he controls the guitar so that it sings with him exemplifies the talent of this East African native. Adam’s style of guitar playing is renaissance because it carefully fuses the Mississippi Delta blues style of BB King and Muddy Waters while highlighting the African blues style.

Mr. Solomon has also done several live recordings with the CBC, and has toured extensively across Canada, performing at music festivals as varied as Afrofest and the Toronto Street Festival, Whistler Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, and the Blues Summit for the Toronto Blues Society.  He’s done work for the Toronto International Film Festival, and participated in documentaries including “The Immigrants” (produced by Jack Orlando) and “Jambo Kenya” (produced by Lalita Krishna & InSync Video).  To honor Black History Month celebrations and other events, Adam has become a valuable contributor to cultural education through music and storytelling, presenting interactive programs at universities, schools, and libraries.  Adam also collaborated with Sarah Kariuki and Eggplant Collective for a PSA aimed at matatu drivers in Kenya, 2015.  He also performs music of praise at the Greenborough Community Church, near his home.

TAMA Awards for Best Band (Tikisa) and Best Release (“Safari”), 1997.

Juno Award for World Music in 2005.

Juno Nomination for World Music in 2007.

Planet Africa Entertainment Awards in 2013.


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